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Date: 2017-06-10 05:49 am (UTC)
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The thing about the UNSC Halcyon-class light cruiser called the Mother of Invention was that, even with the support staff that was required for the Project, there was a lot of space. Perhaps way too much. It meant that it was easy to section off people that the Director didn't want interacting. The people that maintained armor never met the Freelancers, the people that repaired computer consoles never met the Freelancers. And the 'A-Team' as they were, the people that had burst in to fill the top fifteen or so spots of the leaderboard didn't get to deal as often with the people off of it.

Which made bringing someone up from the general levels to the pro-league as it were, that was a big deal. At least it was for the main squad. Not that North Dakota was there, he hadn't known it was coming. Sometimes the Director sprang things on them, and sometimes the gossip didn't travel as fast as needed (likely because Florida was just about to finish knitting some kind of cozy and wasn't free to chatter). So it was that North Dakota was in the training room working on a near pitch-dark training routine when the 'new' Freelancer was brought in to the big leagues, and it was only as he was coming out that he knew something was up.

Of course because his sister was standing outside of the training room.

"Fresh meat," she announced, amusement in her voice, a smirk on her lips.

North couldn't help but shake his head briefly as he lifted his helmet off. "Be nice."

Because that was likely. He just kept walking past her, and she fell into step behind him as he headed for the locker room. The last thing he wanted was to linger in his armor with his scheduled training done for the day. Spilling food from dinner on his armor was just a pain, and until the Director insisted on armor all the time, North was going to enjoy his time out of it.

"I'm nice," she answered blandly. "You're the asshole."

"People say I'm nicer than you, South."

That earned him a scoff, and in her defense... Well, hopefully this one was going to be better than Utah. He had been annoying. Being nice had been such a strain.


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